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Ahh... So, after determining to pick up some extra freelance work, I was able to convince myself (though not my beloved wife :eek:) that not only did I richly deserve more ML goodness in my life, but I could also afford it.

The goodness in this case manifests itself in the form of a new Fresco, nabbed from among the bunch that Dan spotted debuting on Audiogon late last month from an Indianapolis store that has apparently decided to sever its ties with Lawrence.

After not bothering to watch my 3 alotted Netflix discs for months, I now have a queue numbering hundreds of titles & am having a dandy of a time with the first legit high-fidelity HT I've ever owned. Last night I cued up The Incredibles, which was an absolute sonic hoot (aside from its other virtues) - jets zooming, giant robots clanking and crashing, and a jazzy, superhero-ic musical score.

I'd had some question (put in my mind a while back by a dealer who no doubt wanted me to buy the more expensive product) whether a non-electrostat Center would mesh well with my Odyssey mains, but I'm going to pull a Roberto on this one and trust my ears: I don't hear anything amiss, so there isn't anything.

And... (in the famous last words of every audiophile on earth) I think I'm done. No, really. The next thing we would get would be a new TV, and that decision will be left, as an olive branch, entirely to my wife. Meanwhile, she's starting to get jealous of the sensual pleasure I'm deriving from my system.

And she should be.