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    System #293 (Vantage)

    It is also worth experimenting with the 'rake angle'. Anything from straight up or a very small backwards tilt will be better than 'stock'.
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    Help. My Depth i has no depth !

    How exactly did you connect the Depth to the system? Speaker wire? Using L/R output on RCA? Using the subwoofer output on RCA? Do you have your fronts setup large or small and what crossover? It always amazes me that dealers won't take the effort of integrating the sub in your system and...
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    Martin Logan Panel Repair Available In Germany

    It's not the mylar itself, it is how to get the conductive coating on it that is difficult. At least, having a coating that is applied evenly and stays on for longer than a year.
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    System #342 (Vantage, Montage, Grotto-i)

    What did you think about the change from Vantage to Theos? Was it a step forward you would say? What about going from Motif to Stage?
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    Electomotion ESL owners opinions please..

    I use a rake angle of 1,5 degrees backwards. It gives the best depth of field, tonal balance and timing. I sit about 3 m away, my ears are at 90 cm from the floor.
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    Angling martin logan speakers

    Search the forum for 'rake angle'. The general concesus is that getting the panel upright makes the sound better when seated. However, the panel is angled back to make the speaker sound good when walking around. I have my Vantages set at a rake angle of -1.5 degrees (so tilting a bit backwards)...
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    Martin logan and women

    I can place the Vantages where they sound best, as my girlfriend likes good sound and music as well! She doesn't mind the looks at all.
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    Thinking of buying new headphones.

    Well done!
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    Montis or Ethos ?

    Why not try to optimize the setup for the Montis independantly from the setup of the Ethos. So setup one pair at a time, making sure setup is best for both pairs. It's hard to optimize the setup for two pairs at once, as one pair will always be in a worse spot than the other pair. Only because...
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    Thinking of buying new headphones.

    Contenders to try should be Beyerdynamic T1, Audeze LCD-2, Sennheiser HD800, Stax SRS-2170/3170, Hifiman HE-5/HE-500 and Grado GS1000i.
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    Too laidback?

    It all fails, you might always try another amp.
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    Too laidback?

    Not having side walls doesn't cause this effect. It is most likely due to too little toe-in and too much tilt back. The Vantages need to be toed in almost squarely at the listener. Try that, it will give a totally different perspective. You also might try diffusion behind the speakers instead of...
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    Fresco i is coming... PICTURES HERE!

    I think they are identical technically speaking. They have the exact same specs. I think the change is cosmetic. I liked the old design better.
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    Vantages, a giant killer...

    Hi Roberto! These are indeed very classy speakers. I have also had the pleasure of listening to them and was bowled over by the real-life size of the voices and instruments, just like you are telling. The sound had a certain 'realness' to it. Truly very special speakers! Compared with the...
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    Panel/Woofer integration issues on Vantages and other "small panel" Logans

    Maybe you are hearing what you are supposed to hear? A singer emanates sound from both the solar plexus and the mouth, which is apparent especially with recordings which are not close-miked.