What really is Blacker Blacks?

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I read allot of posts in the Past about people buying Upgraded Power Cords and Speaker Cables and saying "The blacks are now Blacker".

I am a bit confused about this statement because when I have nothing playing through my MLs and all the power on I hear absolutely nothing, No Buzz, No Hums, No Hiss and No Static as if the system is not even on. I am using the original Factory supplied power cords and 4 conductor 12 gauge Speaker Cables.

Can someone clarify this saying for me?

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If you put "pause" on your cdplayer and listen carefully at your speakers, can you not hear anything, if so then you will not gain anything from changing power cables. You probably have a "clean" ac-outlet without hf-crap since this is the major contribution to distorsion in the AC.
It is a noise generated by a signal passing through cables, or components. Cables and PC's can act as antenna's picking up and generating additional noise when playing music or not. Better cables and PC's can help remove the RF and EMI which will make the background or noise floor lower - quieter. Just becuase you hear nothing when the system is not playing does not mean that other cables or PC will not improve your sound. Listen with your own ears and make the determination yourself. There are many companies now offering trial times for evaluating their equipment.