WHAT IS THIS PLEASE?!? I can't find any information about this for the life of me

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Whenever I need a simple power supply / wall wart, I just head to nearest Goodwill store. There are many abandoned power supplies in the electrical dept for a couple bux. There are tons of laptop power supplies there that are are around 18 - 20vdc and 3 amps...You just have to make sure the power supply / wall wart is in the required voltage range, and be at or above the required amperage, correct connection barrel size, and make sure if replacement is center positive or center negative.

I have only seen center negative wall warts on Guitar Pedals...as indicated - kinda rare... also seen this on an expensive phono preamp...

If this fails to find a replacement wall wart / power supply, I head over to Amazon. They are cheap and work fine if you stay within the required limits...

And also make sure replacement wall wart output is DC or AC. A mistake of using a DC wall wart in a required AC circuit will likely not destroy anything (just re-rectifying the DC power, giving less output voltage), but using an AC power supply where DC is needed will not be good... letting the magic smoke out of some component...

I destroyed an expensive audio components before realizing I was using an AC wall wart (assumed DC...duh).