What do I need to drive Montage?

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Looks like I finally made my decision - after several weeks of listening for different speakers at different price, I decided to get a pair of ML Montages next week.

The next question is - I have no idea which amp/CD player I need. My local dealer recommends Music Fidelity X-series (~$1000 for amp) but it is a bit too much for me. In addition, I am not sure if I need that much for Montages, they are entry level after all.

What could recommend in $600-$800 range and what CD player is the best for ML?

Would appreciate your advice.

Hello KG
I don't know if you are familiar with Audigon.com, Classified ads/Reviews/Commentary/ etc etc..... there are curently Montages/Mosaics for sale. Montages starting at $995.00 asking price "a pair". Remember also that Tweeter stores are selling the Mosaic's brand new for $688.00 each. I hope this helps you and saves you a little money in a very expensive hobby. Good Luck !!!
Thanks. I am in Canada, so not much is available for me. In addition, my local dealer sells Montages for ~1200 US a pair. Can you tell me what I need to drive them? I am really puzzled.
My brother just bought a Rotel integrated amp new in about that price range. It sounds very nice, and is very configurable. I would also recommend their CD players. Nice equipment for the price.

I suggest researching late model equipment a bit above your price range, and then picking it up on audiogon. If you are patient, you can get very good deals on lightly used equipment.
Good suggestion Steve... Some of us need to get our equipment at highly discounted price... try Audiogon...