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Wanted Wanted: ML Dust Covers for Summits, Montis, or Spires

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Apr 17, 2013
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I am searching for a pair of the black dust covers that would fit ML Summits, Montis, or Spires.

Please reach out if you have a set.
I haven't seen them except occasionally on ebay.....Was there ever a dust cover for CLS ii's? If so I would be in on those.
If you guys are talking about something like this, I’m not sure there were ever any purpose made covers for Logans. I’ve had two pairs made for me 9A and Odysseys. Opes I see you live in FL that’s good lots of boats there, I’m from MI same here. I had a guy close to me that makes boat covers and reupholsters, boat seats and the such make them for me. The inside is a nice soft almost felt like but softer material, I think they’re great!


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Both my Ethos and Montis came with covers. They are nothing special. A person could make them with only rudimentary sewing skills.
All the new Logans come shipped with those “covers” on them. They are to protect them during shipping. That material is paper thin and rips like it too. I used those on my 9As until the permanent covers were finished and they had tears in them within a week. If you’re careful with them they’ll work in a pinch though.
Yes digital deck covers does make quality covers for some Logan models. I have one of their covers for my Krell amp and my wife has their covers on all of her printers in her craft room. They make quality covers for sure.
I second the recommendation for Digital Deck. I have covers for my Odysseys from them, perfect fit.
I second the recommendation for Digital Deck. I have covers for my Odysseys from them, perfect fit.

Hey can you possibly post a pic of those covers on the speakers I’d like to see how they look, and what did they charge for the pair of covers. Thanks