ML-Ethos - noise, feedback when putting the covers on after session

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Aug 20, 2023
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Cologne, Germany
Hello felllow foil friends,

here is something I just noticed today. Everytime I end a listening session with my ML-Ethos, I turn my streamer-doc off, close Roon, walk up to the speakers and put the standard dust-covers on them. I have a new (25year old Symphonic Line RG9 MK3) integrated amp and leave that on as instructed. So before I could turn the volume knob to zero as I always do I noticed a hum, noise that reminded me of a phone stage out of control. Turned the volume up (with the dust covers on) and yes the noise got significantly louder.
Next session - dust covers removed, everything turned on, music is playing - dead silent no noise. And then noise again with the shut down procedure as indicated above. Anybody with the same/similar experience?
Hi, I found the problem and it has nothing to do with the speakers. So thank you all for your thoughts and prayers ...

BTW. Do not buy the "Nordost" RCA-cables from AliExpress ...