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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Lawrence of Arabia (DTS) “Superbit”
Year of Release: 1962
Film Studio: Columbia Pictures / Horizon Pictures
Genre: Action / Adventure

Lawrence of Arabia is one of my all time favorite films.:D Not just because it is a story of true friendships, passions and loyalties, but because it inspires through great adventure and action that which was difficult and hard fought as well as exhilarating and noble. The honor of men trying to change themselves for the better is inspiring. Man against great and overwhelming odds. The honor / glory contrasted with the brutal realities of war. The beauty of the living desert and the marvelous and glorious cinematography of Lawrence of Arabia are breathtaking to behold. Especially on our wonderful HT systems Lawrence of Arabia is a genuine treat. I loved all of the wonderful location where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed – Wadi Rum Jordan, Almeraa Andalucaa, Sevilla - Spain, Morocco, Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area Glamis – California, Surrey – England.

A biography of T. E. Lawrence (Peter O’Toole). The young lieutenant Lawrence manages to get a job as an observer with Prince Feisal, the leader of an Arab tribal army. Lawrence decides to stay and help Feisal. His adventures are detailed by American journalist Jackson Bentley (Arthur Kennedy).

Lawrence of Arabia requires the strict attention of the audience, all it offers is tortured respect for the journey not the destination. The viewer must get comfortable, get a drink and a snack a nice soft pillow and simply enjoy watching the whole film in it’s entirety. This is the kind of film that makes you feel grateful for having seen it. The reason for this is how the film is directed, acted and how the story is told.

Director David Lean’s wonderful cinematic eye and ability to tell a story, which will fascinate and evolve you is the key to what makes this film so great. Claude Rains, Sir Alec Ginsis, Peter O”Toole, Omar Shiref, Anthony Quinn, Jose Ferrer, and Anthony Quail give wonderful performances and just adds to the reason why this film is so great.:D

Naturally, the sound produced by DTS “Superbit” is excellent and very dynamic. I will defiantly acquire this film on Blue-Ray when it comes out in that format. I own the soundtrack of this film as well and it is beautiful and Maurice Jacqare has composed a marvelous work for Lawrence of Arabia. The music is just timelessly breathtaking. My Martin Logans love the DTS music and dynamic sound effects as well.

This film is on my ten best films of all time short list. Lawrence of Arabia is always a recommended movie to my friends and family. I just love this film.:D

:D HT relaxed in ML bless, until next time let the movies turn you on.