The Bill Evans Trio / Waltz for Debby

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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Artist / Title: The Bill Evans Trio / Waltz for Debby
Year of Release: 1987 & 2000
Record Label: Riverside Records
Genre: Jazz

“Waltz for Debby” CD, is more of the beautiful material (similar great quality) as the CD, “Sunday at the Village Vanguard”. The tunes on, “Waltz for Debby” are not simply the leftovers from, “Sunday at the Village Vanguard” (SVV). Hardly, the fact is, “Waltz for Debby” was assembled shortly after Scott LaFaro’s death. Bill Evans compiled this CD; he was striving to choose tunes that would feature Scott LaFaro’s solos and compositions. Bill Evans just wanted to show more of the trio and in doing so, shows something more, something very special in Scott LaFaro’s contribution to the trio. “Waltz for Debby’s” tunes taken in context with SVV are representative of the over all repertoire of the guys as a trio.

I think, “Waltz for Debby” and “Sunday at the Village Vanguard”, could have easily, been a double CD set, but for whatever reason, probably to make more money, these albums / CD’s were produced separately. They are set in the same Village Vanguard, supper club, in New York. All of the recordings were completed on the same day / night, both albums / CD’s, June 25, 1961. I think, “Waltz for Debby”, has the same energy, innovation and is just as moving and powerfully delivered as was SVV.... :D

Scott LaFaro, at his death was one of the supreme jazz bassists in the world. What he could do with the bass guitar was amazing. He did not treat the bass, as just a musical instrument or to simply keep time for the music, LaFaro used the bass completely freed from constriction and constraints. LaFaro’s bass riff’s flowed interwoven into the sound. Bill Evans’ piano, Scott LaFaro’s bass and Paul Motian’s drums created a unique relationship as a jazz trio. I think the live performance at the Village Vanguard shows a more accurate picture of the trios work than a studio recording.

My favorites on the “Waltz for Debby”, ‘20 bit K2 Super Coded’ CD, are: “My Foolish Heart”, “Waltz for Debby” (take 1 & 2), “My Romance” (take 1 & 2), and “Porgy” (I Loves You, Porgy).

“Waltz for Debby” is a great live jazz CD, and a perfect companion, to the equally wonderful CD, “Sunday at the Village Vanguard”. I recommend this CD, as much as SVV... :D :D




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On this disc, I enjoy those moments when all three seem to be soloing at the same time, yet still playing together.

I also only have the CD, Robin. I've read that the 45rpm vinyl versions are killers. As they should be!

Another thing, I've often been amazed by all those people talking and laughing in the background. If I were there, I'd pay complete attention to this trio! :)