The Bill Evans Trio / Sunday at the Village Vanguard

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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Artist / Title: Bill Evans Trio / Sunday at the Village Vanguard
Year of Release: 1987 & 2001
Record Label: Riverside Records
Genre: Jazz

The Bill Evans Trio had completed two other albums prior to this one. This was their first live performance, the Bill Evans Trio ever recorded. Their performance was recorded, on the finial performance, of a two-week, stint at New York’s Village Vanguard, on June 25, 1961. I find the tunes, relaxing and mellow just like the 'Sunday afternoons', in which this recording took place. At the time, the Village Vanguard was the place to be, for all the newest and hottest jazz. Each of the performers were masters of their particular musical instruments': Bill Evans – piano, Scott LaFaro – bass, Paul Motian – drums. Every song is just steeped, in the jazz genius, each member gave to this marvelous jazz trio. What a wonderful pairing, it was truly jazz ‘magic’ having, all of these, particular musicians playing together as a trio… Wow… :D

My favorite tunes are: “Alice in Wonderland” (take 1 & 2), “Jade Visions” (take 1 & 2), “All of You” (take 1, 2 and 3).
Given the fact that each of the performers was at his prime, I just love the mood and intensity of this CD. I love / need the clinking of glasses and dishes, in the background, and the small audience clapping, in between each tune, without it just wouldn't be, "Sunday at the Village Vanguard", it’s what makes this live gig so great.

Sadly, the last tune, this trio played together was, “Jade Visions”(take 1 & 2). Two weeks later, Scott LaFaro, died tragically in a highway accident. Scott LaFaro was a fantastic, innovative and gifted musician. The companion CD, which followed, “Waltz for Debby”, included more live tunes and compositions, many of which were by LaFaro, recorded on the same date (6/25/61), in the same place.

The “20 bit K2 Super Coding”, CD sounds fantastic on my ML system. I love this live stereo recording. It is wonderful… :D

“Sunday at the Village Vanguard” is a must for everyone’s jazz collection...:D




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