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Nov 10, 2005
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1. Member Name: Al

2. Location: england

3. ML Model(s): Aerius

4. Year Purchased: 2005

5. Mods/Changes: non

6. Associated Electronics:
linn lk1
linn dirak
linn lk280
linn lk280
linn lp12/ittok/dl160
meridian 200 transport
meridian 203 dac
chord interconnects
monster ref cable
creek t43 tuner

this was intended as my second system, but it will definately be my main! (its in the dining room at moment) the naim system will be relegated to the dining room,

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What brand rack is that?

From before:
the platforms that are under the speakers are mission cyrus isoplats. (usually used for cd players etc)
they have really tightened up the bass, especially since the speakers were on a floating laminate floor.

While looking up information on the mission cyrus isoplats platforms, I found a company called "PolyCrystal" (or something like that) making a similar product. They also make some nice looking racks, is your rack a PolyCrystal by any chance?

Oh, yes; nice system - that Linn stuff will really make your toes tap. :)
the rack is a henley designs hr5.
the colour is oak, and, coincidently matches the finish on the lp12 and the aerius.

:D :D

i am thinking of changing it to something lower and with more shelving to accomodate the electronics inc the tuner i have.
Most of the double wide units don't have a center support, and are set up as plasma TV stands these days. Let me know if you find anything nice. I think most companies want you to pop for a second rack or have something custom built. Pricing is more for a double wide than for two equal single racks.
ikea do one called a benno. over here (uk) it retails for 60 of our brit pounds, a veritable bargai. come with castors, but are v easily changed to spikes!!!



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Good looking system...


What a great looking system you've got there... :D
You must have very good digestion, listening beautiful ML Aerius's while you linger over the dinner table... Your system must make for excellent dinner conversation too... :) Your system is strictly for music CD, LP Record, correct?

It looks wonderful! I am glad you added your system#77 to the ML Club... :D


thanks robin :D

yes, music only. about 75%-25% split in favour of cd, (but, the lp12 blows the meridian out of the water!)
Musical system...

A.N. said:
thanks robin :D

yes, music only. about 75%-25% split in favour of cd, (but, the lp12 blows the meridian out of the water!)

From your discription, it sounds like you have a wondefully musical set-up... :D
When playing, 'Jazz', it must be quite relaxing and peaceful?... ;)


Hi Al, welcome to the ML club.

Your two systems are really beautiful, I love "only music" dedicated systems.
Which amp do you use to drive your REGA speakers ? (R5 I presume)
REGA integrated or the QUAD system?
Let me know how do sound these wonderful QUAD's compared to modern stuff.
Also it seems you are a vinyl lover. What can do your Planar 5 VS the LP12? Is there a huge difference?

Welcome from Switzerland

Hi Al

Nice to have another REGA-user here on the forum (see my system #56). I can't read the model signs on the picture: Planet or Jubiter, and Cursa pre with tubes? Did you try this stuff with the aerius i?

I'm thinking of upgrade my Mira/Maia-combo to a Cursa/Maia/2xExon. Anyway, I am very happy with my actual equipment. But the story never ends........

A.N. said:
ikea do one called a benno. over here (uk) it retails for 60 of our brit pounds, a veritable bargai. come with castors, but are v easily changed to spikes!!!

Where in the UK are you.I in london
cheers guys, :D :D very nice comments on my system!

the rega above is not mine, its an image to show the benno rack i'm thinking of getting!

this is my other system

hsam, i'm in cheshire :)


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Two systems...


How long has it taken you to develop two systems for you listening pleasure? Or did the systems begin with the addition of your ML Aerius speakers?

Everything looks very cool... :D


i had a spare meridian cd, so went from there. bought the ml's, then the linns, then cables.
need another rack now tho'!!
seen the light!

Hi Al,Interesting that the Naim System has been relegated to div 2! I wonder why!. How does the Linn equipment go with the Logans? I,ve been using Aerius for the last few years and for the price can,t find anything to come close,and they sound great with a good valve amp.
Cheers Alex payne
P.S I have a HUTTER RACK from Acoustic Arts in Watford,it looks and sounds great.I suggest you look at the HUTTER web site.
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the naim/meridian/royd system is still superb, no question, but the linns and ml's blow them out the water, in every respect, except the timing capability.
the linn/logan combo just sounds so right, detailed, airy, transparent.

the 2x280's drive the aerius' superbly, they whack out a constant 100 amps current, so they should really :)

thehutter is a nice rack, but i want something a bit more low level, less in your face. (dont mention the fraim, too bloody expensive for what it does imo!! :D ;)

this is getting moved soon to a new abode, new room etc.
the hifi in the new house


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