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Aug 17, 2005
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Matt Stringer
Manchester, UK.

Start of the journey was this set up ....... 10 years later, several incarations of the system down the line, and back to the ML family with Electromotion ESL's (pics updated below in the comments)

Martin Logan Mosaics
Bought 2005

Amp: Unison Research S6
SACD/CD: Marantz SA-17SI
Turntable: Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck/Spacearm/Dynovector DV-20X
Phone amp: Trichord Dino/Dino+ psu
Tuner: Denon TU-260L
Isotek G11 mini-sub
Nordost Blue Heaven i/c's & speaker cable
Nordost Shiva power cords.



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Love it!

Same as mine....

I see you went with the ETC spikes.. NICE! Also, where did you get that block under the speakers? Does it help?

Thanks. And nothing more exotic than paving slabs I'm afraid - but with a large cellar below bass can be an issue, and they certainly help. The extra RDC support I've added to the Spacedeck improved things a lot too, although space dictates that it has too remain rather closer to the speakers than I'd really like.
Nice setup. How do you find Nottingham Turntable and Tricord Dino Phono preamp?
Beautiful Musical system...


You have a beautiful, tight, musical system. I don't think, I've ever seen a, Nottingham Turntable..?, It looks very professional. How does it perform?

Your marble, or is that granite pieces under your Mosaic's, look like they have something placed under them? Is that rubber mat matterial to protect the hardwood floors?

The antique antenna loop / rabbit ears, that's between your Turntable and your phono amp., is that for music radio reception? It looks kinda cool... ;)

You have agreat looking system, Matt... :D I bet, it sounds as good, as it looks... :D


abhijit said:
Nice setup. How do you find Nottingham Turntable and Tricord Dino Phono preamp?

Seems to work pretty well, every recording I own on both cd & lp sound obviously better via the turntable, wider soundstage, more fine detail, much better bass (deeper & erm "bouncier" if you get me), and overall theres no listening fatigue with LP. The dino does a pretty decent job for the money, but as and when I can afford it, this is an area to improve. I rather like the look of the Audio Reasearch PH5, but thats a way off yet sadly.

And yep, that is indeed an ariel, theres not much decent radio left, but until our stupid govt. kills analogue radio, I'll carry on enjoying it (that tuner of mine is the only survivor from my "student" hi-fi of 18 yrs back (Nad 3130, Dual turntable & some ancient thing called a cassette decK ;) )

Notts Analogue are a pretty small company over here, but I love their decks. Better all round than the LP12, better bass than a michel, & better detail than Origin live.........would have liked to compare tables like the VPI range, but hell, you got to make choices sometime :) The tone arm comes from the same manufacturer so theres good synergy there too.

The best bit of this system......the look on peoples faces as they realise just how good vinyl actually is compared to cd (and sacd in my limited experience!)

Regards all
Your LP Collection...


I was just wondering what kind of LP collection you have? A couple of hundred LP's? Do you fancy mostly Blues and Jazz? What do you listen to the most on your cool system? Additionally, is it easy to purchase vinyl at shops in the UK or are you forced to order from the Internet?
Time for a few update shots, the Electromotion ESL's are settling in nicely :) DSCF0382.jpg
Front of house - The Spacedeck is unchanged from my original posts, arm now a Jelco & Cartridge the rather excellent SPU #1E


Not only do they sound wonderful.....
wow's been over ten years and you've come back to life !

very nice ! ............
Thanks :) It took me a while to remember my system number thou!

Could a mod alter the title to reflect the changes?

The change to a Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 has made this possible, I think I'm finally hearing what ESL's are truly capable of, the soundstage extends well beyond the speakers, but it also has that wonderful sense of depth, every player gets his or her own clearly defined space. Interesting to see ML themselves have started down the Room correction path with the high end models now, but the Lyngdorf also allows the seamless integration of the sub woofer, you can alter the crossover point, but so far I'm at the default 80Hz, and it really does all hang together very impressively, the bass with the sub is actually cleaner & tighter and with more texture than the speakers solo, although ML have got the bass pretty damn good in these anyhow.

Over here in the UK at least, the Lyngdorf is mostly sold by AV dealers rather than outright HiFi dealers, and this is a real shame imho. It really is a remarkable bit of kit, not only does it do the room correction stuff, which would benefit anyone with an awkward shaped room, or someone in an apartment with neighbours below (if you go upstairs in our not very large house, you hear music, but you hear zero bass thump, it's really extraordinary). it's also a rather fine DAC, and the HDMI module also allows for adding a UDP or even something like a PS4 if that's your bag :) But above all, for a long termer Tube amp lover, Class D turned out to be really rather good after all, cheap as chips to run and with zero listening fatigue.

But the Electromotions are the icing on the cake, ML has pulled off something astonishing at the price point imho :) Delighted to be back!!
updated, it's up to you to change your pic if you want
updated, it's up to you to change your pic if you want

Thanks ....I reckon the original set up should stay, quite intriguing to see how things have moved on in those years, I have no need of a CD player anymore, the radio is long gone even though we actually never got rid of FM here! My camera got a bit better too :) The pile of vinyl has grown a lot too!