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Jeff Aguilar

Jeff Aguilar

Spanaway, Washington

Aerius i's purchased in 2003

Cinema purchased in 2005

For two channel playback:

Amp: Tube Audio Design TAD-1000 mono blocks
Preamp: Tube Audio Design TAD-150
CD Player: ShengYa CDS-10 tube output cd player

For Home Theater:

Amp: Atlantic Technologies A-7000
Preamp: Outlaw 950
DVD Player: Denon 1600
Direct TV with TiVo


Main: Martin Logan Aerius i
Center: Martin Logan Cinema
Rear: KEF Ci 130DS Di-pole inwall speakers
Rear Center: KEF Ci 130DS Di-pole inwall speakers
Subwoofer: Twin SVS 16/46PC Plus subs tuned down to 12 Hertz


Blue Jean Cables
Outlaw interconnects
Cat Cables
Fro-zen Cryo innerconnets for tube stuff

The Aerius i speakers was the first step to a whole lot of upgrading! I was running Energy Veritas stuff for my home theater and two channel playback. After experiencing ML in my home theater I knew that what I was using to push the speakers was WAY short of the potential that was possible. My upgrade path started with a new tube integrated amp. The Cayin TA-30. Man, did that little amp do wonders for my stereo playback, but I knew there was more I could do. So, next I purchased a tubed cd player. Once again the leap forward was huge! I then tried a tubed preamp. Again, wow is all I could say. The final step was to purchase larger tube amps. I am REALLY satisfied with my system now! I think the next purchase will be a record player. Just last week I picked up some Frank Sinatra records at a thrift store for $.50 a piece! Man, do I love the way Martin Logans' sound!

Here is a picture of my Home Theater/Stereo room. They are integrated into one room due to house layout and WAF. I believe I have done the best I can with the room I have.


Another Family Room shot
Side and Rear Surrounds
Entertainment Center
Entertainment Center Picture 2
Tube Equipment
TAD-1000 next to Cayin TA-30

Jeff Aguilar
I just changed out my tubes on the TAD-1000's. I was using Electro Harmonix KT88's and I have switched over to Electro Harmonix EL-34's. I really like the lush mid range the EL-34's have over the KT88's. I was told that I would lose some bass by changing to the EL-34's, but it does not appear so on my rig. These tubes sure make my Martin Logan's sing.

Jeff Aguilar
Jeff Aguilar said:
switched over to Electro Harmonix EL-34's.
My used Golden Tube SE-100 (100w) came with Russian EL-34's, the first thing I noticed was the bass was so much better than the 100w Rotel solid state had been using for years (a darn good amp in it's own right).

Every aspect was better with tube power and pre-amplification........according to my ears in my system.:)