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1. Member Name: Roger
2. Location: Västerås, Sweden
3. ML Model(s): Ascent
4. Year Purchased: 2004. Orginally sold 2003 but hardly played at all when I purchased them. Only way to get at acceptable price in Europe is to by 2nd hand.
5. Mods/Changes: Nope
6. Associated Electronics:
Amps: Mc Cormack DNA 0.5 and 1.0 Deluxe
Pre: Tube, Swe-made and modded by myself. Intresting story if anyone is interested. A hint, if you want to improve, is to go for the volume control first.
CD: Arcam CD23t (with dCS magic)
Vinyl: RPM4 with a MF XLPS
Cables: VdH allthrough. 102mkIII hybrid is probably the best price/sound cable out there.
Rack: WOG (Swedish)
7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience: I had a pair of Aerius for 10 years and learned some about the planar speakers in general and the ML hybrids in particular. My best advices are:
a) Bi-amp!!! After 6 years with my Aerius i did it the first time (with a sheap Rotel Amp for the Subs). What an improvement!! Don't just bi-wire, go the whole 9 yards. It will be worth it (there is a logic behind it which I can give sites to support).
b) Get Amps that are dynamic. The MLs are fairly hard to drive and crave good amplification. I'm very pleased with my two Mc Cs. The sound is very good (great stage whith and depth) with tubes and MLs.
c) Diffuse behind the speaker. What you see behind my speakers are two 60cm*60cm panels of +1kHz diffusors. They take away a lot of the flutter that normally may be the case with a hard back wall. I you put them in listening level. You will be amazed by how much more information you get and how much more detailed the soundstage becomes.
d) Kill the back wall. I'm sitting flush to the back wall so I've put absorbers on it to minimize it's influence. Highly recommended.
e) Do not be afraid to toe in the speakers if you have a small room and want to keep the speaker apart. Calculate the dispartion of the speakers and make sure to minimize the side reflections. It's all in the manual but don't take the "inner 3rd" to seriously. Planar speaker are absolutly the best in small rooms.


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" Is There Anybody Out There"

You posted long ago and no comments? I think your system looks great, and love the TT. Hope you are still around to join in on the ML fun.:rocker:
Doug - out
Yup, very strange that there are no comments, not even from the mods. Nice-looking system.