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Jeremy W Porter

Member Name: Jeremy Porter
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
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This is my starter system thus far. I have spent a lot of time on the room design and build because I knew once it was built I would not be able to upgrade any of the interior of the walls. All power wires run back to the BPT power conditioner on a dedicated 10 gauge 20 amp line- the mains, the center, the sub, the projector and the surrounds. All wires are at least 1 foot apart or if needed cross at a 90 degree angle to prevent any noise. The lights are on a separate breaker.

I feel like I have the speakers-mains, center, surrounds and will not upgrade those. I will not be upgrading the Halo processor or the DVD player. My goal is to run two mono tubes or SS Krell or Pass Labs on the mains, and a new CD player between the mains and then have the secondary system for movies.

I have a question about tubes? Are the noisy between songs? A hiss so to speak? I know it really depends on the amp but for the most part are they noisy?? I hate this hiss!

I most likely will upgrade all solid state amps to Pass Labs, Krell or Halo at this point. Any suggestions here?

All speaker, interconnects, and power wires will remain the same upgraded ones I presently have listed below

Here are a few more details:
• Dedicated 10 gauge power wire with 20 amp breaker
• All studs in walls have been polyurethane coated to create a musical transducer effect similar to polyurethaning a cello, bass or acoustical guitar.
The poly turns your studs into a softer pulp inner core just like an instrument. When this happens, your studs turn into musical transducers.
• The walls were all insulated for noise and vibration control.
• The sheet rock was laid and each area of the dry wall was “tuned” by tightened or loosening the screws before mudding. This was accomplished by knocking on the walls and trying to make each area sound the same by loosening or tighten the screws.
• The front half of the ceiling was slanted down towards the projector screen to reduce standing waves and create a megaphone affect for the sound.
• The paint was picked for its acoustical benefits, meaning gloss paint has the most reflective qualities verses flat having the least
• 80 weight carpet was used to further reduce standing waves-this is regret! I wish I would have put in wood floors and used throw rugs to adjust the reflective-ness of the wood floor
• Leather couches were used to try and reduce the absorption of sound instead of fabric

Next steps in the room:

• Wolcott Tube or Krell or Pass Labs amps for the mains?? New amps for the surrounds?
• Sound treatments throughout the room
• New CD player-manufacture TBD
• Various musical type decorations

Martin Logan Prodigy Purchased 2004
Martin Logan Theater Purchased 2004
Martin Logan Script Purchased 2004
Parasound HALO C-2 Purchased 2004
Blanaced Power Technologies BPT-3.5 Purchased 2004
Optomia H37 Purchased 2004
Adcom GFA-555 mkII Purchased 1995
Adcom GFA-555 mkII Purchased 1995
Jamo SW-400e Purchased 2003
Marinco Clear Purchased 2004
Adcom GFA-2535L Purchased 1995
Belden Belden Star Quad red E83754 Purchased 2004
Watt Gatt ICE-Clear Purchased 2004
Adcom GFA-5200 Purchased 1995
MAX® 4300 AUDIO/VIDEO Surge/Power Strip Purchased 2004
Adcom GCD-600 Purchased 2004
Sony DVP-NS975V DVD player with M Purchased 2004
Monster Cable M 2.4's Purchased 2003
Ultralink Custom Ultima XLR42 Purchased 2004
Ultralink Custom Matrix MVR Purchased 2004
Sony DRN – XMO 1MK2 XM Radio receiver Purchased 2004
Da-lite Cosmopolitan Purchased 2004
Lumar 1 CL Black Tweak Purchased 2003
Ultralink Custom - Ultralink Audiophile MK II Purchased 2004
Ultralink Custom – Matrix MX Purchased 2004
Ultralink CCS-1M Interconnect Purchased 2004
Jamo JCB -4 Purchased 2004
Mitsubishi VCR Video Purchased 1995


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Wish I had all your space........... Good Luck with a never ending project !!
im very curious, where did you hear of this 'drywall tuning' process?
I heard of the dry wall tunning from Michael Green @:

A quick write up:
Michael based all his designs and concepts on one basic truth. Energy is alive, ever changing and is everywhere. This led him to one conclusion. Everything by nature is tunable. Michael's designs have now gone from controversial to a high level of acceptance to the point where his design philosophy is now considered revolutionary. As Michael pursues the newly accepted documentation of tunability and is actively taking tunability to many new levels, the simplicity of music and the uniqueness of every musical instrument, and electronic equipment of any kind, continue to be his passion.

I thought it was voo-doo ish, until he spent a short time educating me on the science behind the thinking.

Very intresting concept.

I will be adding some new "RoomTune Products" to the room in the near future. Stay tuned!

God speed,
I followed the link to Michael Green's sight and found the room tuning to be quite interesting...the tuning of the equipment seems like voodoo to me too but I might try some things on older equipment first. Do you think that the poly on the studs and tuning the drywall really made a difference? I'm in the process of a total remodel of my house which includes a dedicated home theater. It is in the framing stage right now and the perfect time to make any changes. Did you pay for his advice or was it just the free info?

Thanks for any input,

I found the Michael Green stuff interesting until I got to the part about putting the little square of wood under the components feet and how the sound became much better when the wood was angled so the corner point was facing foreward. Yea, right. Springs and clamps on your components?? Uh, right. I'm sure the room tune products may be of value but e is veering to far into voodo.

That's what I thought too, taking the components out of the cases and putting them on "special" wood products purchased from him went way too far. Also the power cables and interconnects from him are the only way to go...yeah right. But the room tuning ideas sound feasible...from what I have read on his website.

chipdivot said:
That's what I thought too, taking the components out of the cases and putting them on "special" wood products purchased from him went way too far. Also the power cables and interconnects from him are the only way to go...yeah right. But the room tuning ideas sound feasible...from what I have read on his website.


What about when he said that electrical energy can be best harnessed by both upgrading the power cords on the components and by facing them directly towads the rising sun during Ramadah...or was it during the 40 days of Lent...or did I just make that up?
I agree on some of the voo doo stuff as well. However, poly one stud and leave the one next to it un-polyed, knock on them both and you will hear a difference. The poly and the tightening and loosening of the screws in the drywall makes sense. You want every wall in the room to sound the same. He has some great ideas and some stuff is a little different for me. But the net-net is I learned some things from the site. Take the cream off of the top.

God speed, JWP
Everything I could get my hands on was poly'ed! It was applied with a brush in two light coats, can't use a sprayer because it loads the poly on to thick!
I am going to use his sound shutters, PZC's, and MEC's in the room. If you look at the thread on his forum, the last post shows the diagram of how they will be used. JWP
Michael Green

Go for the basic $450 consulting fee, it will be worth EVERY penny! People spend so much for equipt. only to build a room that destroys all of the quality equipt.! Happy listening...