Suicide attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan must end.

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Rehan Azim Hashmi

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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan
United Nations condemned suicide attack on the 29th March at a Kabul mosque. However the numbers U.N quoted for casualties were less than 1/4 of actual.

In addition condemnation for suicide attack at Karachi university by USA took place. Van driver and 3 Chinese passed away due to severe injuries.

Words of condemnation by U.N , USA and India regarding Pakistan and Afghanistan suicide attacks on mosques are much appreciated. However condemnation is the first step and words alone will not suffice.

I know for a fact that suicide attack on mosques have winter White House approval. Therefore the second far more important step is for CIA to end their terrorist operation in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

CIA and RAW do not realize when they bomb God’s house of worship and murder worshipers they directly incur the wrath of God. Signs of Gods wrath on USA and India are everywhere for bright people to see and understand.
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