Suicide attack targeting Muslims in mosque during Friday prayer.

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Jan 24, 2012
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Karachi, Pakistan
Uncle Sam CIA and Indian RAW are not even sorry let alone accept responsibility for murdering Muslim worshippers during the most important Friday prayer of the year and during the holy month of Ramadan. Due to shallow understanding of Islam wrongly implicate Muslims for this and other suicide attacks.

The latest incident of terrorist attack on worshippers during prayer in mosque took place yesterday that is Friday in Kabul. At last count 66 dead and greater than 70 seriously injured.

The attackers can hide from Afghanistan and Pakistan authorities but they cannot hide from omniscient God. If not caught and punished by the mentioned authorities. They can not escape God’s wrath which is written for them and is inevitable.

These terrorist are not Muslim. Their actions prove it. Suicide and taking of human life both very strictly not allowed in Islam and carry God’s ultimate punishment or eternal Hell.

The 9/11 terrorist may be Muslim majority country nationals but were not true Muslims. In name only.
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