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Hi everyone. I am new to the club, but have owned ML speakers for a few years. I currently have a 7.1 set up with a Theater for the center, Odysseys for the fronts and Scripts for the side surrounds. When I set up the theater ML didn't have any smaller speakers for the rear surrounds. I have been using Boston speakers, but they have a higher tone than the MLs. I was thinking of maybe putting in in-walls (e.g. Passages). I don't have enough space behind the rear seats for another set of scripts. I have recently got into multichannel sound and would like to improve the rear surrounds.

I have an Integra Research system and am using the RDA-7 amp.

Does anyone have any suggestions for the rear surrounds?


i know you said no scripts but if you went with the scripts you could mount them high and point them down towards your listening area.
Script i speakers all the way....


I would recommend using Script i's. IMHO, I believe, that they are much more versital than in wall speakers. As you know Script i's, have wonderful sound... I have mounted my speakers to get the utmost out their sonic sound disbursion. Please see my system #57.


I have had good luck with Polk audio’s RT series of speakers with Martin Logan’s.

I think you would get a better match if you stay with Martin Logan, have you thought about the Fresco? The Script would be the best match with your system.
Thanks guys. Scripts are quite large for putting on the back wall. I don't have that much room behind the back seats. I just wondered if any of the smaller non-electromag speakers would sound similar to the rest of system. I will call my local dealer and see if he has any to audition.