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Apr 27, 2005
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hayes va
I just picked up a Living Air Purifier ( the Alpine model) and noticed it works on + and - charged ion' fact when working properly it kinda smells like after a rain shower...kinda cool in me office...but will that somehow interfer w/the operation of the ML's?...kinda an off the wall question...but it's all Greek to me ?

Peace, Pogue
I went to a M/L function at a dealer once, and it was either at the function or an article I read shortly after that which talked about the history of speaker design............which may or may not be of value to your topic.

The story goes there were three types of loudspeaker designs being tested for some kind of government research funding.

1. Dynamic (regular stuff, including horns - won the competition).

2. Electrostatic (pig intestines stretched - caught fire).

3. Ion Driver (would kill you if locked in an air tight room long enough).

The Ion driver actually removed electrons out of the oxygen molecules and the lungs could no longer absorb/process it - suffocation.

I don't think you will have this problem, nothing wrong with ion balanced /heathly air (that I know of). However in the back of my mind I do seem to recall some kind of warning against using ionizers around electrostats.

Write Martin/Logan, see what they say and keep us posted. I think my wife just pluged one of those in upstairs come to think of it. :eek:
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The problem with ion/plasma drivers. . .

is that the high voltages make ozone O3 which is highly toxic and will ,at least, make you sick as a dog or dead in high concentrations. The voltages used in air purifier units are very low in comparison and should cause no damage to anything, except som dust and pollutants.
risabet said:

Pretty good article on the topic:

Triatomic oxygen is second only to fluoride as the most powerful oxidizer or oxidant in the world for disinfecting. It's the most
powerful, natural sanitizer readily available. It will break down most
chemicals into that chemical's basic naturally-occurring component
parts. After time they are eventually broken down into h2o, carbon
dioxide, sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. These elements are all naturally
occurring substances needed for our survival.
Hello kachi22,

The research you are talking about was done in the late 1800's at Thomas Edison's lab. The cone speaker won because it was the most reliable and convenient technology at the time. Pig intestines tend to rot. And if you saw The Empire Strikes Back then you know that ions can disable star destoryers. Just think of what they can do in your living room!
Oh Hell!!! Did someone mention flouride!!! I gotta stop drinking the water in this country! Anybody want to buy a toothbrush?