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Feb 13, 2017
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I purchased Martin Logan Theos speakers a few months ago that came with an extremely small scrape on the left side of one of the metal side panels. Martin Logan overnighted me a replacement part (fantastic support on their end) but I haven't worked up the courage to actually replace it till today.

All the steps are fairly straightforward but this is the only part that is difficult for me to understand.

I attached a picture of the instruction page. I first need to discharge the stat panel by using an insulated wire. Will any kind of wire work? Can I use simple copper speaker wire to discharge the panel or should I use something else?

And then it says to remove a couple wires using a flat head screw driver. Maybe this will make more sense if I can actually see it in front of me when I'm doing it but the picture doesn't do it a ton of justice.

Any experience doing something like this?

Also as you can imagine I'm super nervous about dismantling my beautiful Theos. Anything I should make sure I avoid doing to prevent damaging anything?


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