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Whilst I am not exactly new on here, it is a long time since I stopped by and, it did not look like this last time I was here.

A dealer local to me has a pair of fully refurbished Sequel's with new panels.

Would they still cut it in today's market?


did you ask what he meant by refurbished, did they replace the panels? the sequels still are a great sounding speaker and depending what he wants i think you will be happy. take a look on the site to see what they go for used.
I bought my Sequel II's used and they had the panels replaced about 2 years prior to my purchase of them. I have replaced the high voltage cardswhich was resonably inexpensive and easy to do. These definitely do still sound great and hold up very well.
Find out all the details and get the serial numbers on the electronics "boxes" and on the panels. We can tell you the date of manufacture of these and that may help guide you too.
I believe you will not be dissapointed.