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Jan 18, 2005
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I am looking to purchase the Descent sub to run with my Quests. Anybody have any experience in how these 2 work together. I have a Krell KBL preamp, Krell KSA-250 and Krell 20i cd player. Thanks!
ok... I decided to pull the trigger and get the Descent under conditions I can return it if it does not meet my expectations. I am going to pick it up today and hopefully it will be worth the $$$.
I also have Quest and am considering replacing my Velodyne Servo 12 with the Descent. Would like to hear to want your thoughts are on the systems.

Luke T. Holley

I think you will really enjoy your new Descent subwoofer. My Descent took a lot of time to brake in, it started sounded good around 50 hours of continues use and the sound keep getting better and better till about 300 hours of use on the drivers. Let us know what you think of the Descent. :D
Well, I have the sub and hooked it up via the RCA inputs. I am getting a minor hum as soon as I plug the cables into the sub. I am going to try to track it down.
Initial listening I am not totally happy with it. I think I will have to play with the position and the controls. It is in a corner now with the phase set at 90 degrees and the low pass filter at 70hz. It seems like I can sense the direction of the bass and it is not blending in properly. I haven't had much time to experiment with placement and levels yet. How much did the sound improve after breakin?
I too had a ground loop problem that I eventually tracked down to the cable TV. If I unplugged the TV coax from the power conditioner the hum went away.

As far as finding placement and setting phase, if your Descent is brand new out of the box I would not worry about it. Get some good brake in time on it first. It was about a week before I could set the Phase right.

What I noticed was the Descent woofers were so tight it has no extension to the base it was a very flat sound and the more time I gave the sub the loader the sub became with out turning up the volume, as time went by I had to turn the sub down as it broke in.

I did a small review of the Descent subwoofer that you can read at my member system 10 page.
OK, Day 2 and I have got to know the subwoofer much better. Moved it closer to the wall and angled it. Bass got tighter and after playing music all day on it to break it in while I was at work I listened again fresh and it is getting much better.
Settled on the 40hz crossover point, +3db on the 25hz control, and 4.5 on the level.
Going to just leave it alone for a week to let it totally break in but it is 100% better.... definitely seems to blend in much much better.
Happy camper!! hoping it will just get better.
Descent is by far the "best" sub I've ever owned!!

I have been enjoying my Descent sub for a year now and it continues to amaze me at just how powerful, accurate, and deep this sub is capable of. This is without a doubt the best sub I've owned and listened to. Yes, like Joe said, it's going to take a while to really show off it's full potential. It's new so it needs to loosen up, and as the months go by you will notice the bass sounding fuller and deeper. It sounds like you're getting it dialed in to where it's sounding really good, too cool! :)

I have found that it blends very well with my reQuests. At the very beginning when I first got the sub it took a while to get everything just right. But once I did, boy did (does) this thing make a world of difference to the sound. It went from sounding really good to really awesome! Like both of you, I also had a ground loop hum problem with the Descent. The hum, like Joe's, was also caused by my cable TV (which I no longer use). After I disconnected the CATV voila! no more hum. I have my descent connected using a balanced XLR cable and it is 100% hum free.

For my own curiousity I temporarily swapped out the XLR cable for an RCA type interconnect and found that a slight amount of hum was once again audible, but this time only from approx 1-2 feet away (and not audible at all from my listening spot). After I re-connected the XLR the hum went away completely. I just wanted to see if it made a difference in sound using a balanced cable over an RCA, and in my case it did. Just thought I'd share my findings. Hope this helps.

And BTW congratulations on your new sub! :) The more you use it the more you're going to love it! :D Enjoy!

We used to have a hum in our system. Two things fixed it. One was to make sure that the audio lines ran at least 18" from any other lines (power, coax, etc.) when parallel to the other lines, and crossed over any other lines at a 90 degree angle. The other fix was to plug the electronics into a power conditioner with isolated sockets (we use an Audio Power Power Pack V,, but there are many other similar products that work). By "electronics", I mean everything except the power amps and the Martin-Logans.