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Robert D

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Jul 21, 2020
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Does anyone here use Apple Music on Sonos? I've been playing Rhapsody/Napster on my Sonos since 2009. This past week Napster keeps dropping out the songs. Message says the streaming rate is too slow. So now I'm sick of it and looking to try Apple Music.

I see Apple has lossless audio too, as well as Atmos music. I'd really like to try that. So goodbye Napster, hello Apple.

Wondering if anyone here has trouble with Apple music dropping on Sonos. I don't want to waste time and get headaches from trying it and having problems. Just trying to save myself trouble.

I will stream it through Sonos in several zones of my home, and probably end up using my Apple tv 4k to stream it to my Marantz Atmos home theater. Right now I'm using a Sonos zone player on it, but figure maybe the Apple tv may work best and have better sound?

The problem I have now definitely seems to be Napster only and not wi fi related.. I tested and found that Napster was breaking up on my phone as well, using wi fi as well as cell coverage. Other radio stations play just fine on my Sonos. My kids also have streaming issues with Napster on their phones when out in public as well as at home.

So is Apple Music a great service and work well on Sonos, or should I look at something else? I like being able to get high res music, and Applle appears to have a lot ,as well as atmos music.