PS Audio GCC Contorl amps...what do you think?

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Jan 4, 2005
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Bayreuth, Germany
PS Audio GCC Control amps...what do you think?

Has anyone had the chance to try these new Control Amps on any ML speakers?

I have CLSIIz's and am really curious to hear how these amps perform. I would love to go to a one box solution.

Does anyone know if these amp are Class D or Class T? How would they compare to the Bel Canto?

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Class D,per their web page,they will literally drive any speaker,any load.
PS Audio and ML

I think (not 100% positive) Paul McGowan has Odysseys in his reference system. I remember reading that somewhere. If you haven't already done so, you might want to check out the forum link on the PS Audio website. You might have to create username. It's in the customer care link, I believe. Or dig into the AudioAsylum PS Audio forum for feedback on their new product line up.

Paul personally responds to many of the posts on both forums. I've traded email with him (and I'm just some slubbo off the streets) and he seems like a nice guy.
I have a GCC500 powering my Ascent i's & it works very well. I posted in another thread about it, so if you search on my name you can read my original comments. Basically, it replaced a Krell KRC HR pre and a FPB600 power amp, and I am very pleased with the results - it's not a worse sound, and it cost loads less than the Krells did, but does the job required at least as well, maybe better in some ways.

I don't think the PS Audio amps are Class D or Class T (ie digital) despite what others posters have said. If you look at the PS Audio site or the B&O IcePower site (where the technology originates from) you'll read that they are simply ultra efficient analogue amps, with switching power supplies ie they are not switching class D amps.

Regards, unclemonty

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