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I will be taking my cinema of two months back to Tweeters. I notice several weeks ago that the sound level has been increasingly worse. On voice dialoge, I would also hear a poping distored sound. Yesterday, while waching war of the worlds she went completly bad where distorted sound was just coming from the small tweeter component. My system at a glance:

Denon 4803R -processor only
B&K 7 channel amp
Clarity - fronts
Cinema I -center
Mosaics - surround
Bookself Advents - surround backs
Sony 60" LCD Wega

Maybe the amp blew out the Cinema I at 200watts per channel? I am surprised that such an expensive and good quality speaker would present with such a problem so early.
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Interesting that you mention War of the Worlds. I thought I'd blown my Cinema when the machine starts blasting, Chapter 6. That is a very frightening sound they recorded for that scene, frigthening from an equipment owner's point of view. Backed off the volume after that point. Tested it later with several other discs and it seems ok.