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i'm gettin a popping noise in the right panel after a long period of not using and moving from one house to another. i've tried vacuuming the panel and it seemed to have improved, but not fixed. have not tried the heat treatment move and i dont think i'm goin to try washing it.

i basically want to tell you guys the symptoms i'm gettin so you guys can help me determine whether it is a panel problem or a electronics problem.

1. the popping noise only occurs at higher volumes (if you are familiar with the audio research sp14/cl60, it starts with the volume knob around 9'o clock position).

2. the noise only occurs with certain sounds, mostly big drum sounds and other powerful sounds. example of this is the "night fight" track in crouching tiger, hidden dragon soundtrack.

let me know if more info is needed.
I would ask you first if this has happened before or a new problem?
I would check for loose interconnects.
How about your amp it could be causing the problem. Try and switch the cables out of the amp (r to l and l to r) that go to your speakers, then see if the problem moves from the right to the left. If it does then I would look closer at your amp.
If it is still on the right side. I would then swap the elctronics box from the speakers and see again in the problem moves. Depending what this is result is you will be able to determine if it is the electronics or the panel.

Hope this helps

i have tried switching the connects left to right and also trying diff amps to push the speakers. will try changing the boxes.
If it is any concolation last night while watching a DVD through mine I heard some buzzing out of the right side and I was really concerned. Today I could not repoduce it. I may have what the factory refers to as 'Kazooing" and there was a Tweak about that here. So I do understand your concern. :rolleyes:
My Sequels pop when I turn the amp that drives them up too loud cause the amo just does not have enough to really drive them. That is why I mentioned the amp.

Good Luck ;)