Panel washing & water type?

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Jan 5, 2005
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San Mateo, CA, USA
Hi folks,

Regarding washing the panels, is rinsing it with plain shower water really the best?

I'd be concerned that in some areas, such as mine, there are sufficient chemicals, additives, and purifiers in the city water that it might leave residue on the panels.

As evidence for this, I have only to look at the mineral buildup in the pots of my houseplants after watering them.

Perhaps distilled water would be better?

Good point, DPD...

I have never done the panel washing thing, but if I did ever resort to that, I would probably used distilled water.

If you have access to a water purifier or distilled water you mite as well use it. It may be a little over kill, but I would defiantly pay a little more to clean my panels with purified water. Also a MR. Clean auto dry carwash with NO soap may work well too.