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Feb 17, 2005
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Well.... was trading my Aeon i for Odysey's today but it did not happen. They delivered them and set them up.... but one speaker hardley played. They blamed it on my amp / pre-amp and cables etc but it turned out that after a call ti ML with the serial #'s that the Odysey / prodogy line has had some problems with the transformers for the panels???? Bottoms will play but no tops , so back they went. ML wanted both speakers back so they both will be replaced. Hope Tweeter will do BOTH. Any comments ???

Bob J
Well, the installation guys seem pretty stupid blaming your equipment for the defect in the speakers. Obviously, you're no noobee with hi-fi and since your prior MLs worked fine with your amplification, why wouldn't they also work with the Odysseys?? :rolleyes:
I would also send an email to Jim Power at ML and let him know about the situation. I would give him serial mumbers and make sure they watch for those coming back to the factory.
I would be concerned that the "dealer" may just try a switch but I am just skeptical that way and trust very few people.

true, email ml and tell them to get rid of these dealers who don't know where the "on" button is. it irritates the life out of me when idiots try to blame other things because they are soooo misinformed about their "expertise". im done peaking, carry on!!!!