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michael b

Hallo all,

i am new here in this forum. My name is Michael and i live in germany. I bought my set of sequel II in 95 and have had no problems at all since a few days before. One side has lost his effectivness. My question is: where can i buy new Stators/panels for my speakers? Is it right, that the SL3 Stators fit in the SII?

Thanx for any help.


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Have tried to vacuum them yet? Also there is a link (tweaks) here that describes how to wash the panels. Dan (DTB300) did an excellent job describing how it was done.

When I purchased my Sequel II's a few years ago the panels had been recently replaced. I believe they are still available from ML.

Jeff :cool:
The SL3 panels are the same size as the Sequel II panels, and yes, they will fit. As a matter of fact, if you order Sequel II panels, you will receive SL 3 panels. (Been there, done that!)

thanx a lot for your info.

I try to buy a pair of stators via the german distributor Audio Components.
Hopefully the price is not breathtaking :D


Last I checked in the US, the price for a new set was $500 USD. Not sure what they will be over there.
Hi Michael, welcome to the ML club!

Sequel II replacement panels are in fact SL3 panels like said Aliveatfive. They are still available and more reliable than original Sequel II panels, due to the better quality of the mylar coating process: they will last longer!
I also plan to change my Sequel II's panels.
Could you tell me what price do you have in Germany?
Here, in france, my dealer asks me 1200 euros which is approx 1450 dollars.
dyazdani, the US price for these panels makes me really DREAM! I would have changed them since a long time for 500 euros.
Does anybody know if there is a way to buy it directly in the US?
ML parts are really too expansive in France/Europe.

Does anybody know if there is a way to buy it directly in the US?

Hallo Raphant69,

for 500 US i would buy immediately :D
When i get the price from the german distr. i will post it.

If there is any possibility for buying direct from US please let me know.



P.S. I cleaned (vacuum) my panels yesterday, but it did not work better after.
i wont do the "wet" procedure, i think the panels are old enough and have done a good job over all the years. New Stators are now reasonable.
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