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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: Mulholland Dr. (DTS)
Year of Release: 2001
Film Studio: Universal / Studio Canal
Genre: Suspense / Thriller / Fantasy

Have you ever had a really intense dream? Then awakened, remembering all of the bizarre details clearly, vividly and wondered why? The dream was so intense, that for a moment or two, you didn't even know where you were? The marvelously crafted film, "Mulholland Dr.", is like that kind of dream... From the inspired mind of, Writer / Director - David Lynch, this film gives us a look into a trilling, sometime erotic, dream... From the very beginning, we are observers, the very first frame, of a head leaving a pillow, in the morning, this film captivates and draws us into it's very realistic, wonderfully suspenseful and thrilling - sometimes nightmarish and weird dream world.

One of my favorite scenes, is the magically intense, solo / aria, of a female torch-singer, which seems so impassioned. It is so great... The torch-singer, is singing on a lonely stage, in front of a darkly obscured audience. The soloist is obviously upset, and so to is the main character, played to perfection by, Naomi Watts. I just loved the other female lead character played by, beautiful newcomer, Laura Elena Harring. Her chemistry, with Naomi Watts, sparks from their first scenes together, as Ms. Harring's character, flees an auto accident, and ends up in an apartment shared by Ms. Watts's character.

This film leaves you guessing, talking about it long after you leave the theater. "Mulholland Dr.", is bizarre at times, to be sure, but then what dream is not bizarre, at times? After, I had seen it in the movie theater, and talked about it with my family, I wanted to see it again, and again. I get something new out of this film every time, every time I see it. To me, that is what makes, a truly great film, great.

I couldn't wait for this film, to be released on to DVD. And thankfully, when it was released to DVD, it had "DTS" sound. DTS sound is, perfect for a movie like this, with unusual dream dynamics and sound effects. With an Amplifier like the, "Anthem Statement P5", all of the sound effects are disbursed to my surround speakers (Script i's) and rear speakers, with ease and power, sending thrills and chills up my spine... I just love how the movie plays in my HY Martin Logan system.

I thoroughly enjoyed, "Mulholland Dr". Thank you, David Lynch, for writing / directing, a great film that is totally, fantastically, and thrillingly unique. Mulholland Dr., is a wonderful addition to my DVD library. :D

:D HT relaxed, comfortably surrounded in ML bliss, until next time, let the movies turn you on...




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