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Apr 4, 2005
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San Antonio, Texas
Artist: Muddy Waters
Title: Folk Singer
Year: 1999
Record Label: Chess
Genre: Blues

This specs are for the redbook CD. The original album was recorded in 1963 and released in 1964. The 200g version was released in 2000. The gold CD in 1997. The SACD version in 2002. So you can see this one has held the test of time.

This album is Muddy, his guitar and a mic. An acoustic session that abounds with true Delta blues. On my CLS's, you are there, the imaging is unreal. If you like, blues you most likely already have this album. If not, go get it.


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This is a must have if you like blues. Found this myself on the iTunes website by looking at what was selling under blues, downloaded one song then bought the cd. Anyone else used iTunes to find new favourites?
I agree, its a great album. I have the Original Master Recording Ultradisc II version not the redbook cd. The resolution is great, the sound stage is perfect. Feels like you're in the studio with him.
The vinyl reissue is better than the CD version IMO. The pure analog recording is served very well on the 200g Classic reissue. Haven't heard the SACD but it will have to be really good to better the vinyl.