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Hello all,

This is my first time posting but i been lurking on here for awhile now. My current setup, which i will post up soon in the appropriate forum, consists of ML claritys for my mains, cinema i for my center, and frescos for my rears. plus, i have a grotto to handle the LFE. I just recently purchased a set of Monolith III with the active crossover from audiogon. can't wait to test it out! now here is my problem. i don't know how to push the new addition to my system?

i was thinking of having it bi-amped with a krell kav-250a pushing the low end 12" woofer and possibly an Audio Research VT-100 mk1 or mk2 pushing the panel. the tube amp is what has me in limbo. i wish i had a chance to audition this combo with my speakers but i guessing this combo will really make my new baby's sing like i never heard b4 from there respective reviews and from people who had this combo already.

With the active crossover i won't have to worry about there being a sonic imbalace right? the sub won't be overpowering the panel and vice versa?

great site you guys have! thanks in advance!
First of all welcome :p

You have a great setup already and the Monoliths will be amazing I am sure. I have never heard them but I have something close. I would bi-amp them. IMHO, I would use a SS amp for the woofer and a tube amp for the panels. Having said that you can always use what you have and build from there. Either way you can not go wrong. You do not need an enormous amount of power for the panels but beware they may dip in impedance. Personally, I think you maybe "blown away" by the soundstage
I do not think the Audio Research will have any problem on the panels or the woofer. Wait on the bass to decide how to deal with that after a week or so and see how the room reacts because it maybe more of room acoustics that may need "tuning" The Grotto may be all you need to "round out and define" the bottom end

Congrats on all your "stuff"
Let us know!

Thanks for the suggestions Jeff. One of the reasons i wanted both the krell and the tube on the mono's were so i could have both a 2 channel setup with great bass response as well as the HT setup and the sub handling the bass for me. I don't have either of those amps yet but i found a very cheap krell that i was thinking of acquiring first. what to do what to do?

when i finally find a new home i will definately upgrade my room with acoustical treatments but that wont be for awhile.