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Jan 6, 2005
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Cloverdale, BC
So, i'm channel flipping as usual before crashing and i land on TOH. They're installing a media room in the current project and host Kevin went on a road trip to "see what's what in home theatre"

the store (in Braintree Massachusetts) actually had some good things to say about universal remotes, the need for a projector for a real setup, the importance of speakers and gosh darn if that wasn't a ML setup they were using. :eek:

suddenly, i thought, i'm going to have to start paying attention to these home improvement shows with my partner! it is worth hundreds of hours of "Ty" and "Paige" just so i get the occasional view of ML's and I can say "see, even these guys are recommending ML electrostats" suddenly, her interest in home improvement could be used to leverage more ML speakers :D

and then the show went to an install with ceiling speakers and the sub built inside the wall and the world of television went back to where it belongs :cool:
Which station can you find that on? Which day was it--recently? I'd like to catch a glimpse myself!
it was wednesday night, and i can't remember which PBS, seattle or detroit. i think detroit, as it's channel is in the neighbourhood where i shop for "fall asleep in front of" stuff.