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Sep 25, 2018
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1. Member Name: Tony C

2. Location: Taiwan

3. ML Model(s): Electromotion ESL

4. Year Purchased: 2021

5. Mods/Changes: Rake angle, and Isoacoustics Gaia ii feet

6. Associated Electronics:

Micromega M100 integrated amplifier
Audio GD DI-20 90/98m DDC
MacBook Pro
GPSDO 10mhz Clock
AudioQuest CV-8 72v DBS speaker cables
Wireworld USB and HDMI(I2S)
Dirac Live Software

7. Comments and/or stories about your Martin Logan experience:

Been a member here long time and have not officially post my system. Still remember first time I saw ML Aerius in formerly known as Magnolia HiFi in Seattle when I was 21. At that time sales person told me the "I" version is coming out shortly and ask me to wait. Bought the Aerius I as soon as it was available and it was no going back for me. Over the years, I have bought Cinema Center, Scenario, SL3, Quest Z, and reQuest. At one point I had all this under one roof and it was fun to do comparison and mix match for 5.1 surround. Then I have to give it all up due to relocation to Taiwan. After 10 years in Taiwan, finally I was ready to rebuild my system. Got a pair of Clarity just to get my fix, then with bigger flat, my latest possession EM ESL.