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May 9, 2005
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Camano Island, Washington
Title: "Master and Commander - The Far Side Of The World"
Year of Release: 2003
Film Studio: Universal, Miramax, 20th Century FOX
Genre: Action Adventure

I really loved this movie. IMHO, Peter Weir directed a wonderful 'sea-fairing / ocean-going' masterpiece. I have read many sea-fairing adventures, in my time, from Nordhoff and Hall's, "The Mutiny on the Bounty" - Trilogy, to the complete C.S. Forester, "Hornblower" series of books. I have also, seen probably every sea-going adventure movie ever made, by Hollywood, but "Master and Commander", is the very best in this genre...

The story line is very well written, by Patrick O'Brian. As you may know, O'Brian did a whole series of books, about Captain "Lucky" Jack Aubrey.
Peter Weir and John Collee wrote the screen play, and they did a wonderful job too. I enjoyed the comrodery between Jack Audrey (played by Russel Crowe and the ship's Doctor (played by Paul Bettany). Both the ship's captain and the doctor have great relationships with the other characters on the ship especially the young mid-shipman child (who looses an arm). They are great father figures. The plot is suspenseful and very trilling... A wonderful action adventure.

Maybe, it's just because I have a new power amplifier, "Anthem Statement P5" to flesh-out the sound track. The imaging is just phenomenal!!! What really makes that possible is due to the fact that this film's sound track is made so well. The DTS sound is mixed just superbly. I never imagined I would be able to hear all of the sound details as clearly are precisely as I have in this film.

I highly recommend this film. :D




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