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Paul Pohopien

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Jan 8, 2005
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Glendora, California
Does anyone on this board have experience listening to Aerius in the nearfield. I'm considering moving my system to a different room, problem is, it's only 15 x 11....and am wondering how they might sound.

Any opinions are welcomed!!
I used to have Aerius' in a room of similar dimensions - they sounded absolutely great. I sat approximately 6-7 feet from the centre point between the speakers, and got lost in the soundscape. The only caveats I would attach to near-field are 1) Speaker tilt (front-to-back) is important and worthy of some experimentation to get the right tonal balance and 2) Make sure that you are sitting at least 1 - 1.5 feet from the wall behind you.
I have extensive experience listening to both the Aerius i's and currently the Aeon i's in the nearfield. For the past three years my home office has been the headquarters for my system which is approx. 11 x 11 and I sit approximately four to five feet from the speakers. I personally think it sounds absolutely fantastic and have rarely heard any system at any price that brings me closer to the music... literally :D . You will probably have to tame some of the brightness which I believe normally associated with a pair of Martin Logan's in a smaller room. Good luck.
I also had my Aerius I's in a short room for 4 years and they were awesome. My personal experience is though after buying a new house and getting them into a larger room is the futher you are away from them the better off you are (Within reason ofcourse).