Is more power really better?

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Mains: Ascent i - 200w per ch
Center: Theater i - 250w per ch
Rears: Aeon i - 200w per ch
Sub: Descent

I'm looking into Parasound Halo A51 & A52amps and have a question. A51 - 400w/4 ohms x 5 and A52 - 225w/4 ohms x 5.

Is it better to buy an amp with more power and not drive the amp as hard
or buy one closer to the specs of the speaker?

More power is always better than just enough. Headroom.

But with ML's it is all about current capabilities and handling the impedance curves they present to an amp. So just do not look at power ratings.
With my Ascent i's I only push 40-50 watts out of 200 which achieves a very high volume level. ML's do not require huge amounts of power.
I know the Parasound is solid enough to handle ML's impedance curve, but do I need twice the power than it's rated for?
The A52 amp at 225 per CH will do the job with out breaking a sweat.
more power will increase the overhead in the system. that gives you a lower noise floor, lower operating temps, and less output needed to achive the same level of volume. the downside is, if someone gets ahold of the volume knob who shouldnt, its twice as much horsepower to blow the speaker ;)