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Jan 1, 2005
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San Jose, Costa Rica
Mart said:
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Hola Mart. That booming bass is a standing wave acting with room resonance. Ask him, how far he is listening from the wall behind him?...I bet that he is very close to it. Tell him to move his chair forward (3 feet will do) to the center of the room. In this position, the one note bass room resonance could be attenuated. Also tell him to move the speakers to the center of the room, and at least 3 feet away too. If he could not leave the speakers in this position, then tell him that when he is going to listen, move the speakers forward, and when he is done, put them back where they were before. They could be too close to the back wall, and increasing that particular one bass note resonance.
Also, when you have weak panels, the bass is too loud. He could have a low charge panels, causing this problem. If the problem persist, room treatment is a must, specially at the corners with room traps. There are many kinds on the market place room treatments and also he could DIY those bass traps. Hope this can help...happy listening,
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