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Jan 3, 2005
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Research Triangle, NC
A company in Raleigh, NC, about five miles from where I live, has developed a technique to capture data from recorded sessions of musicians (pianistists in this case) which will include all of the physical attributes of their playing style, including timing, pedaling, polyphony, key strike force, etc, allowing them to recreate a performance as played by the original musician. The first link gives an overview; the second delves more into the details. I hope to go attend this "recital".


Technical Details
Okay, I'll buy into the concept that the piano key movement can be backward engineered. This logarithm or whatever it is, may take into account the speed of the hammer thrown, impact and release timing. However it still has to be re-transcibed into the physical world of the player piano. Electric motors, compressed air or whatever technology is used will differ from flesh, blood and bones of fingers on ivory. Heck even the heavier garments the audience wore back then would make a acoustic signiture difference, not to mention the HVAC system of the hall.

Why don't they just beam the music into our heads (hypersonic/soundless) like Woody Norris just did and say it's the same?