Hi from Ross who knows Logos?

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Apr 30, 2010
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Marin County
Hi everyone.

I've been an ML fan for years. I first ran in to them when I was the exotic car fleet manager for the owner of Monster, Noel Lee. He is a big ML fan and had the most outrageous sound and theatre systems. He only started to phase out the ML's after coming out with his own lines of speakers. It didn't look good!

My question, anyone know how to take apart a perfectly good Logo in order to really clean it?



PS My system. I have a mixed system consisting of Infinity Kappa 9's for my fronts, ML Montages for surround, ML Logo Center and two subs, a Klipsch and a M&K. My amp and preamp are Adcom GFA 7500 and GTP760. Since I used to work for Monster Cable, I have the Signature HTPS 7000 (the best home theatre upgrade of all their gear!) and all Monster wiring.
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Thanks, I also got some instructions from Dana at ML!
Hi Rossman1, Do you still have disassembly and/or cleaning instructions for the ML Logos? Any chance you could post them or email me? My Logos is still working but has lost efficiency... would really like to do a deep clean or recoat the mylar. Cheers, Mark