Has anyone cleaned their panels? How did you do it?

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Hello again,

I was just looking for advice on how to clean dust off the panels. The manual says you can take a vacuum hose to it... but I was looking for real-life experiences.

That's exactly it. Make sure the static charge has dissipated, usually a few hours. Then take the vacuum to your panels. (They are stronger than you think).

There is also another detailed thread that talks about how to wash them. You'll have to do some searching for that one.

General cleaning is easy. Just unplug you speakers and let them sit for a while (I've heard any where from 6 to 24-48 hours) and then vacuum. I've generally waited at least 24 hours (just to be safe :) ), but that may be longer than necessary. You'll be supprised how much a difference clean panels can be.

If you think your panels are to the point where you think you need to wash them, search the archives on "Dan's cleaning service". There's been a lot of previous discussions on the shower method.
I purchased my aerius speakers used.....and man, they were filthy.

I followed the "in the shower" descriptions, letting warm water run down the panels, the followed with pouring about two gallons of distilled water on them (reduces any mineral deposits) and let them dry for a day.

I hooked them up and they sound great. The frightening thing is seeing how dirty they were, the water coming off mine was actually brown! Yuk!

I think the shower routine should only be for extreme situtations, but for anyone that has some older units out there, I think it's worth it.
I tend to clean my panels once a week with the good old magnetic duster.

What is a magnetic duster? What do you use?


Dan Osib said:
I tend to clean my panels once a week with the good old magnetic duster.

It is basically a duster that you use around the home that attracts dust via static magnetic properties. The picture below is cropped so you can't see the stick handle....


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