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Dec 27, 2004
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Rancho Mirage, California
Harry Connick Jr.
Blue Light, Red Light
1991 Columbia Records
Genre: Jazz/Swing/Big Band


General Comments
[size=-2]01/10/2004 Tom D'Acquisto [/size]
I’m not sure who introduced me to this CD, but I immediately fell in love with the style of it. Connick’s voice is very lush and relaxed and there are a lot of complex strings and horns throughout the entire disc. The first track “Someone’s There” is my favorite reference when auditioning or testing gear. The song has several soft passages that lead into very loud trumpet blasts which sound INCREDIBLE on a pair of MartinLogans.

There is not one single bad track on this disk. Here are my favorites:

Track 3: “You Didn’t Know Me When” is an uptempo tune with lots of dynamic range

Track 5: “He Is They Are” starts off with trumpet solo with a nice bass line in the background.

Track 6: “With Imagination (I’ll Get There)” immediately transports me to Bourbon Street in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities in the world. After the Dixieland intro, it turns into a jazzy number with some nice low tuba

Track 8: “The Last Payday” is a downbeat number about a pool hustler that starts off with the plucking of an acoustic bass. As Connick sings about the main character shooting pool, you hear the sound of the cue ball hitting pool balls on the pool table going from your left speaker to the right. The sound is so vivid you can “see” everything he sings about as the story unfolds.

Track 12: “Just Kiss Me” is insanely uptempo and will give your speakers a workout. At two minutes into the track you should hear a muffled trumpet coming from the center of the soundstage.

The detail of this recording is excellent and the CD displays “DDD” which means “digital tape recorder used during session recording, mixing and/or editing and mastering”
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I wholeheartedly second Tom's recommendation here. This was the first Connick CD I bought, and it is one of his earlier recordings that won him acclaim. The tracks mentioned above are good recommendations. I think Connick is more nuanced on this recording than most of his later work.

Following Tom's recommendation, I ordered the CD on Amazon - it came today. It's a very individualistic record - something you enjoy *alone*. But boy, you DO enjoy it. Thanks Tom, for this great tip. Thank you.
Blue Light, Red Light


You are quite right about Harry Connick, Jr.'s Blue Light, Red Light - CD it is excellent. I just pick up a copy at Best Buy based on your review. I love it. Every song is terrific. :D Thanks for the recommendation. ;)
If you like Blue Light, Red Light....also try 'We Are In Love'. Both are excellent.