Gasket-spacer tape on Aerius

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Jun 21, 2021
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My Aerius i are needing attention, I bought them non-working and both panels are silent but that's not my question here. When removing the panels and grilles I find the rubber tape used to cushion and space the panels and grilles are all gooey with old dissolved adhesive. It's a mess really. Is there a readily available rubber tape that any of you have found to replace this with? Since the spacing between the side frames that hold everything in place and the panels are fairly close I would think the rubber tape would need to be pretty close in thickness and not squish thin over time? I can see also where a C shaped rubber gasket could be used and may be cleaner but I think the guys at ML would have thought of that so I try not to second guess. But there has to be a sticky sided rubber tape on a roll that would take care of this.
Ideas would be appreciated.
When I pulled my Aerius apart (bought on craigslist), it looked like someone had already replaced all the strips with some thin weatherstripping. It looked like the stuff you get at home depot. I just left it - grilles were staying on fine. If nothing else, maybe one of the experts on here will correct me and help you out too!

Thanks Geoff. I corresponded with Ron at ML and he suggested the same, so not too critical as to thickness. I would like to find some in black though.
Here is mine right before the "Rinsing" - front of an Aerius panel. I was going to peel the white and green tape off the gasket but it dawned on me that if I did, I may never get the side bars off again. I don't think it is original tape though.



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Geoff, that's exactly like mine, same 3m double sided tape. They left the paper on it so it wouldnt bond to the side rails and prevent them from being removed, I'm sure it's factory applied. I've elected to leave that in place as is.
Did rinsing bring yours back to life?
Yes, it was pretty amazing the transformation after rinsing them. I took a chance on buying them on craigslist from a guy who said that the panels needed replacing. They are a little down in output on the high end, but I think that is actually how the older panels sounded.

Nice to know it is original. Someone had shredded the insulation one speaker, so I don't know what else they may have been through. Original tape makes me happy!