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As a longtime Maggie user, tell me what I will gain by converting to a ML system for home theater. I used Maggie MG3a's and MG1's. What would be an equivalent model in the current ML line-up?
Personally I felt that the MG1.6 are very similar in character to Aeoni, but at half price the MG are a tremendous value. I think that the 3.6 are similar with the ML Ascents. I preferred the MG'S to the ML, but they need a lot of power and are difficult load for my tubed CJ. I had the Aerius and mow the Ascents.I wanted the 3.6 but in order to make them sing I would have to upgrade my amp to which was not an option.Bottom line is up to you.They are similar but the Maggies have a difficult load.
By the way I listen to the MG home theater surround at a dealer in Houston (the same one as MG mail-order) and it sounds very good.The answer to your question :you do not gain anything. It all depends what associated gear you use.MG works excellent with VTL or BAT, but also with Linn. ML is excellent with CJ tubes.