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Well my saga regarding my Quest Z's is coming to a close.

As I mentioned in another thread, I took the speakers apart and washed the electrostatic panels as done by many others on the board. They did not look dirty at all and I do vacuum them every once and a while but I decided to give them a wash anyway just to see if I could bring some life back into them. I knew something sounded not right because of the low recessed mids and highs compared to the bass response. Another symptom was that of the low effiency or sensitivity between the Quest Z's and the Theatre and Aerius i's. I would have to bump up the gain on the main LR channels versus the other channels by about 8db on the processor.

The wash went well but I was worried that there was little or no dirt at all being washed off. I was reading posts of almost brown water from a wash so my thoughts were that this might not do much at all to the sound. After a good day of drying time I reassembled everything and crossed my fingers....

WOW what a difference. Everything that surprised me about the sound difference between the Aerius and the Quest were equalized or improved upon. HF extension, depth, sound staging all the typical traits audiophiles listen to were there in spades and more. I can't believe the difference a wash can do. I guess 12 years of accumulated dirt and dust can make a difference. There still is a imbalance of about 4db between the other speakers but that may be due to other factors in the system.

If you are up to it and have Logans that are more than say 5 years old I would do the wash as maintenance. You will hear a difference!
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Ah, yes...another member of the Famed Cleaning Service. Contract for Permanent Employment is in the mail... :) :D

Glad to hear all went well and it improved your situation.

Hey Eric, did you happen to take any pictures of the process?
Good to hear the washing helped out!

As I started to read you thread, I was getting the feeling that the wash didn't help and you were going to get new speakers. But the end results assured me that my ReQuest that haven't been washed yet may also improve quite a bit, but mostly has assured me that I most likely will not have to replace them for quite a few years!
I'd like to thank all of you that have gone through the procedure and were kind enough to post your thoughts before. My wife was :eek: you are doing what to the speakers !!!!!!

I did take pics but not durring the wash...

I'll try and post some tomorrow.

They may or may not stay depending on a few factors but thats for another thread.