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Jan 6, 2005
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Cloverdale, BC
yesterday, after 2.5 years of poking about on the build, i finished my sub woofer.

hooked it up, and had some fun. i configured my processor to use it on non-2channel sources (dvd, laser, tv). changed the CLS from large to small on those inputs, and told the processor to handle the LFE only.

set the crossover. then turned to the Bass Peak Level Manager.

the idea of the BPLM is to put an upper limit on the signal to the sub. you raise the level until you start to hear overload/distortion/popping/bottoming on the sub and then drop the BPLM setting down to where you don't hear "the bad stuff".

it took my wife about 4 seconds to come downstairs to my maniacal grin

"it works"

hee hee hee.

on the more musical side, the sub ties in nicely with the system, filling out the rumbles and thumps better than my CLS wanted to do. fun fun fun.

except the part where i had to straighten every picture in the house. okay, that was fun too, but it'll get old fast :)
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"straighten every picture in the house." tell your wife you doing your part to help around the house, you are dusting the pictures! :D

Good sub bass that rattles the walls and floors can be fun for all. Dogs and cats love it :D