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Jan 2, 2005
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Wichita, ks
I have the aluminum trim panel in the top of my Descent and would like to change it to oak to match my other speakers. Does any know how to remove it?


Easy, Peasy, Japaneasy...


Firstly, Welcome to the, "ML Owners Club"!!! It is great to have you here with us. I think, that you will find, that this is truly the very best forum to know everything ML and much, much more...:D

I own a ML Descent subwoofer too and I just love it... As I'm sure you would agree, the ML Descent has true sonic symbiosis with all other ML speakers.... Fast and quick the, servo controled, Descent just excellent! I have the, 'Natural Cherry', wood pannel on the top of my Descent. The wooden pannel simply lift's off the top of the Descent, as it is attached with able six, one inch, Velcro strips, around the underside edges of the pannel... I was thinking about, using my old pannel to make a template, then with my jig saw and/or router, I could make another solid, "Bird's-Eye Maple", wooden replacement, and also replacement strips for my Ascent i's too, out of the same, "Bird's-Eye Maple" wood, someday...

Again, it's great to have you here... :D


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If you reach behind the back of the Descent there is a small indentation under the trim panel, that will let you grab a hold of the trim panel and lift it off.

I was thinking about buying the aluminum trim panel for my descent, would you be interested in selling it or trading it for a black oak trim?