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Mar 6, 2005
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The guy who first posted this on a Porsche forum said this:

DRM - RIAA kicks it up a notch
Hard-core computer guys will find this interesting, the rest of you risk your eyes glazing over.

Synopsis: record companies are bundling DRM software on CD's, but not telling you about it, and you couldn't remove it even if you knew it was there. This s/w embeds itself in the Windows OS & registry and hides itself in the same fasion that the virus/malware/spyware guys do, and it needlessly sucks up CPU from then on. When the author disabled the malware (spade == spade), it disabled the CD device.

So if you buy a legit CD, and try to play it on your PC, you risk hosing your OS. This exploit even set itself up to run in Safe Mode.

Okay, this is all over my head. Is this important?
Avoid the "Copy Protected" CDs If you ever intend to put a CD in your computer disc drive. They will download malicious software that is intended to damage your PCs operating system. This is something to be concerned about. Two that I know of that will do this to your computer are are "Luther Vandross's An All-Star Tribute" and Van Zant "Get Right With Your Brother". These CONTENT PROTECTED CDs are evil and should be boycotted. Why would someone want to pay money for a product intended to screw up your computer. Sony should be sued for this. I'm sure there are more than these two out there. Read the reviews on
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I wouldn't be too worried about this... There's always a way around anything they'll ever try to stop anyone from playing and/or copying a CD. The record companies need to stop thinking about CDs and start putting the music out there digitally online (ie. iTunes).

I'm not concerned about being restricted from copying a CD. I can't copy SACDs or DVD-As and I'm fine with that. I think Sony has gone too far with including software on a music CD that is intended to damage your computer's operating system's software. A computer is often used to play or serve music. Copyright protection is legit, but malicious software on a CD intended to damage a computer is just wrong.
Write your Congressman or Congresswoman. The DMCA makes this all legal even if it takes your right to fair use away. OUR RIGHT TO FAIR USE THAT THE SUPREME COURT UPHELD IN THE 70s IS GONE!!! because of this law.

Oh yeah, if you try to circumvent the content protection you are breaking the law as well.
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There are a few more comments from the original thread that I did a "copy & paste" on.
The great part about this (its been on slashdot twice now) is that the malware keeps you (and anything else) from seeing files wiht $sys$ as the first part of the file name. So now virus writers and skript kiddies can call their packages $sys$nastything.exe and it won't be detectable. Also, some cheats for various online games like World of Warcraft are using it for the same purpose.