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Jan 30, 2006
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Haugesund, Norway
Have a little contribution to the forum:
I have both had the CLS I original with old and new strators, and the last 10 or so years I have had the CLS IIz. I have always enjoyed the way they communicate the music compared to other speakers. Still I have never gotten quite the slam in the bass that I wanted.
So after looking inside the electronics of the speakers, I have come up with some tweaks:
1. Change the speakerterminals fo a better type that you might actually be able to fasten the speakerkable with... (WBT, Eichmann etc.)
2. Ditch the sorry exuse for speakercable from the terminals and to the prints.
3. Change the coil on the printboard (CLS IIz, but probably also other models) to a better type, preferably somethingh like the Goertz type.(
4. Finally, change all the simple wires from point to point on the printboard to something better. (I have used the silver versjon of Goertz speakercable with great result.)

After implementing these changes to the speaker, you'll experience a more musical rendering of your cd's with much more omph and punch in the bass and midrange. The speaker will appear MUCH more dynamic and fun to listen to.

Gogogo :D


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