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I hear a big difference in how an ESL sounds soon after bias voltage applied and same a day later. Panel needs time to charge up...These are Constant Charge (High Resistance coating), not Constant Voltage (Low Resistance coating) ESL designs, so takes a while for all those electrons to find their "seat"...

I always advocated leaving ESL bias on all the time (preferably with interface that has an LED showing power to panel), and just putting a cover over speaker when not in use.

I always wanted to make/sell custom ESL dustcovers for this very purpose.
Sorry--I've been quiet on this forum as I think I've located the issue, purchased some new low-profile transformers from MCI ($25/ea.) and have been in contact with Russ Knotts in Cleveland for some assistance. I'm sending the equalizer electronic boxes to Russ for inspection and service as he can hook them up to panels to make sure they work properly.

I was hoping to find someone local with this expertise, but looks like its getting thinner and thinner as to who is knowledgeable and available to work on some of this. I've been working on repairing a Sota with a vacuum platter--getting ready for sale.

I will update with what Russ finds. Still hope the panels sound as good as they look.
Jeff, Thanks for your reply--seems like you are the only one who read my post and had some useful insight. I did vacuum the panels, but the problem increased the longer I had them plugged in. Now, I get about 10% out of 1 panel and nothing out of the other. Switching panels with the electronics, the problem follows the electronics.

I believe I have a bad T1 low-profile transformer and a potential grounding issue on one board and the other is on it's way out. I'll see if my local tech has a high-voltage probe and can work on these, which should be a very cost effective fix as compared with replacing the panels!

Why retire to Indianapolis??? Likely a very long answer, but either way, you are free to DM me once you get here and I will either still have a project or a set of CLS's that I can demo for you.

Doug, I am in Indiana now, Noblesville. If you still are having issues give me a shout 661 209-0125.
Thanks again for your help. I was able to get these working by replacing the low-profile transformer on one unit and a 0.5 ohm power resistor on the 2nd unit. Both panels came alive, but needed more power than my McIntosh MC275 or Adcom GFA5300 was able to provide them. They sounded good and I listed them on the site to sell. They ended up at a good home in Cincinnati.

Excellent first trial of electrostatics!